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June 24, 2021  

Solutions Architect

June 24, 2021

Solution Architects are part problem solver, part process analyst, part technical guru, and part business analyst. They bring all this together to plan and design the systems that meet their organization's business needs and solve its problems. In this Tech Talk, Stephen Marsh, who has worked in "architecture" for one of Canada’s largest energy companies, brings a wealth of real-world experience. He helps us understand the complex yet crucial role of the Solutions Architect, the career path you'd take to get there, and tips for recruiting the right professional.

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About Stephen Marsh
Stephen is an IT professional with 30 years of experience in such roles as developer, technical lead, and solution and enterprise architecture. He was an early adopter of agile methods, and has become a proponent and evangelist of cloud native technologies. With an educational background in business (B.Comm., MBA), Stephen's focus has always been on bringing technology to bear on business problems.

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