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December 14, 2021  

Can Code, Will Travel

In this episode, Morley speaks with a Canadian ex-pat, living and working in New Zealand. Travis Koch discusses where a career in IT has taken him -- personally and professionally -- and the various implications of relocating internationally, working for start-up companies, and more!

About Travis Koch

Travis is a highly technical software development leader with over 25 years of experience developing software technology. He's built and led high performance, cross-functional teams across multiple geographies, disciplines and technologies. Travis has deep technical expertise in software development with many years as a senior engineer prior to moving into leadership roles. He has led teams delivering software-as-a-service, shrink-wrapped SDK products and complex on-prem enterprise deployments and has experience implementing and adapting software development processes including a transformation from ad hoc Agile/Scrum to full-on Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

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October 25, 2021  

Business Leaders and the Role of the IT Department

David Weiss is a senior executive with over 20-years' experience leading organizations.  He has worked at such companies as Nortel and Telus, leading high-performance teams in the functional areas of Strategy, Product Management, Marketing Communications, and Business Development. He's also been an adjunct professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business for more than 5 years. In this episode of Tech Talks, David shares his knowledge and experience in working as a business leader and the role that IT played, plays and is expected to play in the future.

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About David Weiss
David Weiss draws on more than 25 years of leadership experience in setting strategy, driving business growth, building teams, and leading transformational change. He has a proven track record of strategic planning and change management accomplishments and through innovative thinking and creative problem solving, delivers tangible results.

David is currently Senior Vice President of Corporate Services and Transformation with BC Financial Services Authority (“BCFSA”). Recognized for his ability to lead with integrity, David oversees a wide range of responsibilities including business planning, finance, human resources, information management and technology, change management and business transformation. His ability to build strategic partnerships has allowed him to collaborate and solidify ties with Government organizations, regulators, and industry experts.

Before joining BCFSA, David spent more than 20 years with TELUS, where he held progressively senior management roles, the last 9 at the executive level. During that time, he helped transform TELUS from a monopoly provider to a leader in Canada’s highly competitive technology sector. This included driving transformative change in a variety of business areas and helping build an industry-leading corporate culture.

David holds an MBA from the University of British Columbia (“UBC”) and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta. He completed several executive training programs from the Richard Ivey School of Business, Rotman School of Management, and INSEAD. David is also an Adjunct Professor at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, where he teaches strategic management.

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September 13, 2021  

Building High Performance Software Development Teams

The approach to Software Development has undergone several changes over the years.  In this episode of Tech Talks, Steve Pereira, 20+ year veteran, who has embraced a business-centric, yet “humanistic” approach to software development, speaks about his ideas on software development excellence. Steve’s thoughtful take on software development, brings a decidedly “human feel” to the discussion.

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About Steve Pereira

Steve Pereira is the founder of Visible and is obsessed with making tech human, and leveraging it to deliver continuous value. For the past 20 years, his focus has been on using mapping techniques to guide ambitious and struggling teams towards their true north. Steve is a former startup CTO, agency consultant, systems and release engineer, finance IT manager, tech support phone jockey, and pizza maker. All focused on the flow of value, all the time.

August 20, 2021  


Throughout its life, Salesforce has primarily been a tool that companies have used to manage its clients and sales funnel.  However, thanks to an active development community, additional enhancements were made enabling the solution to do much more.  It now has so many add-ons and is so easily configurable, there is an incredibly broad range of functionality that can be configured without the need for any customization of software. This has resulted in an entire career path for professionals who want to focus on Salesforce. Jordan Ostapiuk is a leader in the local Salesforce usergroup community and he joins today's Tech Talk to shed some light on how to build a career as, or recruiter for, a Salesforce professional.

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About Jordan Ostapiuk 
Over the past 20 years, Jordan has evolved his career from his early roots established as a customer service representative, to leading teams through multiple levels of project management and solution delivery. His commitment to delivering client satisfaction continues with each engagement and his passion for delivering value pushes him to seek out new and innovative ways of getting work done. With his breadth of experience, he’s effective at striking the balance between the technology details and the needs of the business stakeholders. He executes his work with high levels of energy, helping to build a work environment conducive to empowering its teams and maintaining their engagement and levels of productivity.

With an excellent success record in all of the projects he’s delivered, it’s proven time and time again that those with the highest degree of user engagement always have the highest client satisfaction results. For this reason, Jordan maintains a specific focus on user engagement to ensure projects and other initiatives achieve their goals with the solutions they provide.

Jordan has worked with multiple industries across North America, including Oil and Gas, Finance, Energy, Government Services and Telecommunications. Although he’s gained broad experience in all of his project delivery roles, Jordan remains focused on the following disciplines: Project Management, Requirements Analysis, Solution Configuration & Delivery, Team Leadership, User Engagement and Relationship Management.

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August 12, 2021  

Technical Writer

Every organization needs to fulfill the need for a technical writer. Sometimes this falls onto their technical staff to complete, but more often than not companies hire someone who is a professional writer to complete their documentation requirements. This episode features Lisa Shipka who took her background based in Journalism and adapted it into a successful, multi-decade career as a Technical Writer working across a wide variety of companies and industries.  Lisa shares not only the scope of the role, but what it takes to be excellent at the job.

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About Lisa
Lisa Shipka has been writing technical documentation for remote clients and those local to the Calgary market for more than 20 years. She's worked in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, pipelines, rail, airlines, health services, beverage production and distribution, and provincial and federal governments. Based on her experience, Lisa has learned that all clients and industries have the same basic need: to convey complex ideas and processes in the most straightforward way possible using the least number of words. It's all about succinctness, although eloquence matters too. Lisa is the original Iceberg Queen, able to analyze the 90% of business processes underwater to surface the 10% of content necessary to share.

Lisa founded Shipka Technical Writing Services Inc. in 2007 to enable a move from employee positions to contracting roles. She enjoys the exposure to the vast variety of project work and corporate cultures that consulting allows, along with the work-life balance. In her non-work time, Lisa loves the solitude and splendor of the mountains and hikes or skis every weekend. On the horizon, Lisa plans to write the next great Canadian novel. 

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August 6, 2021  

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is where the rubber meets the road for Information Technology.  It represents the actionable insights that can be drawn from the data that is collected. In this episode of Eagle Tech Talks, Dr. Prashanth Southekal shares his perspectives and insights on business analytics!

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About Dr. Prashanth Southekal
Dr. Prashanth Southekal is the Founder & Managing Principal at DBP-Institute, a Data Analytics Consulting and Education firm. His expertise is in Data and Analytics adoption with a focus on Data Products, Revenue & Spend Forecasting Models, Customer360, Self Serve Analytics, and Data Quality/MDM/Governance. Dr. Southekal brings over 20 years of Information Management experience from over 75 companies including SAP, Shell, Apple, P&G, and GE. He has written 2 books - Data for Business Performance and Analytics Best Practices and over 2000 copies are sold. He teaches Data Analytics at IE Business School (Spain) and various professional associations, and he has trained over 2500 professionals worldwide in Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

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July 29, 2021  

Diversity in IT

Eagle’s CEO, Janis Grantham, explores the topic of Diversity in IT and shares her experiences. Janis has been an owner and leader of Eagle since its inception over 25 years ago and over this time, she’s built a reputation as an industry thought leader and bellweather. 

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About Janis Grantham

​Janis Grantham is a Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Chairperson of the Board for Eagle. She leads Eagle’s Executive Team and is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, while overseeing day-to-day operations.

he has more than thirty years of industry experience starting as a computer programmer and working in various consulting and management roles for large system integrators and software companies. Janis was listed as one of Canada’s Top 100 Women Business Owners by Profit Magazine for 12 consecutive years. She has also been recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts on multiple occasions in both the North American Staffing 100 List and the Global Power 100 Women in Staffing list. In addition, she is a member of the Hall of Fame for Canada’s Most Powerful Women Top 100 program, was the Consumers Choice Business Woman of the Year for Ottawa-Gatineau in 2005, and was a finalist in the 2002 Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year award.

July 25, 2021  

Full Stack Developer

Software Developers come in numerous "stripes".  Some are focused on the user experience while others are more in-tune with how the application works and integrates into other systems.  Full-stack development integrates the two, providing a more wholistic approach.  This episode's guest, Kuljeet Nagra is the owner of Calibre Consulting, a software development company.  Her experience with software development projects goes back some 25 years and she shares her insights with Morley.

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About Kuljeet Nagra
Kuljeet is a passionate entrepreneur and IT professional with 25 years of experience. Having worked as a business systems analyst, a programmer, and a project manager, she is truly an expert in her field. Kuljeet brings her expertise to help clients streamline their processes, enhance productivity and improve bottom line results. Leaving the work - and the workplace - much more enjoyable than when she started. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and gaining full knowledge of skills/knowledge in the software development life cycle, she created Calibre Consulting Corp in 2014. Kuljeet’s commitment to helping companies become more effective and efficient using software.

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July 15, 2021  

Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architects typically fit within the IT organization, but they spend much of their time working with the Business at strategic levels. The work that they do and the decisions that they make have significant impact on both sides. In this Eagle Tech Talk, Joshua Shoresh explains how, as an Enterprise Architect, he builds a bridge between Business and IT leadership to help organizations set their course forward. 

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About Joshua Shoresh

Joshua Shoresh is an IT professional with over 25 years of experience delivering business solutions to clients in the private and public sectors. As a management consultant, he’s provided a broad range of consulting services, ranging from IT management, strategy, architecture (enterprise architecture, business transformation and solution architecture). He is recognized for his leadership and communication skills, and his ability to define focused, cost effective, and innovative solutions to solve business problems.

Josh is the founder of Contextual Focus Limited, a Canadian-owned consultancy firm, operating nationally, and focused on assisting clients in the complex niche area of strategy, architecture and governance of IT.

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July 8, 2021  

IT Research Organizations

The IT ecosystem is broad, encompassing SO MANY roles and supporting services.  There truly is something for everyone.  In this episode of Tech Talks, Alexandra (Lexy) Cutean, ICTC’s Chief Research Officer, discusses the role that Research Organizations play to support the various participants and stakeholders of this ecosystem.  So if you wish to be able to more easily keep up with the changing Technology landscape or are simply into statistics and research, this Tech Talk is for you! 

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About Alexandra Cutean 
Alexandra Cutean is the Chief Research Officer at the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC). With over a decade of experience in research and policy analysis, Alexandra leads ICTC’s research and policy arm, the Digital Think Tank. As ICTC’s head of research and policy, Alexandra’s work is rooted in a desire to support a digital future that is diverse, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable. She has led initiatives and authored reports on topics like transformative technologies, labour market needs and skill shifts, economic trends and policy, social impacts, and environmental sustainability. Her work has resonated with audiences across Canada and internationally. 

Contact Information:
ICTC website: www.ictc-ctic-ca 

Digital Think Tank Medium page (access reports, blogs, etc.): https://medium.com/digitalthinktankictc 

eTalent Canada (where people can go to get info on program, labour market information, access ICTC's skill mapping tool, etc.): www.etalentcanada.ca

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