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February 25, 2021  

Project Rescue

February 25, 2021

The need for Project Rescue specialists has been around for almost as long as there have been projects. This high-stakes, high-pressure scenario would scare away most people.  But some experts have built their career around such... opportunities. Today's podcast features Heike Cantrup where her and Morley discuss some of her ideas and philosophies that have helped her to be successful throughout her career. 

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About Heike Cantrup
Heike Cantrup is a PMP certified project manager and consultant employed in the Calgary IT industry for over 15 years. She is passionate about working for teams, removing bottlenecks and obstacles and empowering technical groups to realize their strengths while working as a united front. Her independent consulting firm, Zippered Tiger Inc., has been running strong since May 2016 and plans to continue serving Alberta for years to come.

Contact Heike
Email: heike@zipperedtiger.com