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March 18, 2021  

Permanent Placement Recruiting

March 18, 2021

In this episode, Eagle's own long-time permanent placement recruiter, Alison Turnbull, talks with Morley about what it takes to be successful as a technical recruiter. She shares the lessons she’s learned over the years of honing her expertise at permanent placement recruitment over the past 20 years.

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About Alison
Alison Turnbull has been in the recruitment business for over 23 years, including more than 12 years as part of the Eagle Team. Currently Eagle's leading recruiter in permanent placements, specifically in Western Canada, Alison is also skilled in assessing leadership talent and helped launch Eagle's Executive Management Consulting division. She has built relationships and helped place hundreds of talented professionals across Canada and into the United States.

Alison's passion for recruiting stems from her love for finding people their next great career opportunity, as well as helping companies find the best fit for their culture. She carefully gets to know both the candidates and the hiring organizations so she can be certain people are taking the best possible steps for their careers.

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