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May 6, 2021  

IT Service Management (ITSM)

May 6, 2021

IT teams manage the delivery of Information Technology services to the organization’s various business units and clientele.  IT Service Management, or ITSM, encompasses all of the activities associated with the designing, creating, delivering, and supporting of services that the IT department provides.  Ian Watson joins Morley to discuss ITSM and share some of the current approaches that companies are using for their Service Management strategy. 

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About Ian
With 15+ years of experience helping teams maximize the value of their Service Management and IT investments, Ian Watson has a track record of business & IT transformation and delivery of strategic business objectives. His passion is helping People – helping them get the most from their digital assets and fostering strategic partnerships that transform businesses. Bringing a practical, fit for purpose approach that supports customer success with both tactical and strategic outcomes. He quickly establishes a team culture of continuous improvement and aligned autonomy that ensures delivery quality and optimized cost. 

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