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May 20, 2021  

Executive Management Support

May 20, 2021

In this Eagle Tech Talk, Kevin Choropita joins Morley and shares his knowledge and perspective about IT Executive Management Support, a role that is rather unique and directly supports the group of people who lead companies. These IT professionals need to work in a very personal, hands-on way. There is also an x-factor requirement -- the ability to MacGiver their way out of any situation when it is required of them.

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About Kevin Choropita
Kevin Choropita is an IT entrepreneur who has 15 years of experience in IT support across a range of industres from the non-profit sector to the oil and gas industry. Throughout his career, Kevin has held a number of support and analyst roles, building skills through both formal training and practical hands-on learning. Using his key strenghts of listening and understanding IT requirements, translating business requirements into IT needs and working in fast-paced, high stress environments, Kevin is talented at helping people find creative solutions to their technology problems.

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