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January 25, 2021  


January 25, 2021

The Agile approach has been around for some time and has consistently grown in popularity whereby, currently, the Agile approach to computing is as prevalent or even more common than more traditional approaches. But, as we’ll learn, not all projects benefit from an agile approach and even those that do may benefit from a somewhat blended strategy. In this episode of Eagle Tech Talks, Chris Edwards breaks down Agile using his great amount of experience in this area and does a fantastic job at making it all clear.

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About Chris
Chris Edwards has a diverse background as a software engineer, manager, agile coach, and architect. Chris believes strongly in the value of leadership and that by focusing on people we can help build high performing teams that build better designs and architectures. By combining a strong technical background with a passion for leadership and agile practices, Chris unleashes the full potential of the individuals and teams that he works with. Chris has extensive experience in Agile technical practices such as TDD, refactoring, SOLID design, pair programming, and mob programming. Chris also enables his clients in the adoption of tools, technologies, and processes that lead to continuous delivery and deployment. Chris’ background as a manager and agile coach allows him to work with the full software development team to reduce waste and remove barriers to success. 
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