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August 12, 2021  

Technical Writer

August 12, 2021

Every organization needs to fulfill the need for a technical writer. Sometimes this falls onto their technical staff to complete, but more often than not companies hire someone who is a professional writer to complete their documentation requirements. This episode features Lisa Shipka who took her background based in Journalism and adapted it into a successful, multi-decade career as a Technical Writer working across a wide variety of companies and industries.  Lisa shares not only the scope of the role, but what it takes to be excellent at the job.

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About Lisa
Lisa Shipka has been writing technical documentation for remote clients and those local to the Calgary market for more than 20 years. She's worked in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, pipelines, rail, airlines, health services, beverage production and distribution, and provincial and federal governments. Based on her experience, Lisa has learned that all clients and industries have the same basic need: to convey complex ideas and processes in the most straightforward way possible using the least number of words. It's all about succinctness, although eloquence matters too. Lisa is the original Iceberg Queen, able to analyze the 90% of business processes underwater to surface the 10% of content necessary to share.

Lisa founded Shipka Technical Writing Services Inc. in 2007 to enable a move from employee positions to contracting roles. She enjoys the exposure to the vast variety of project work and corporate cultures that consulting allows, along with the work-life balance. In her non-work time, Lisa loves the solitude and splendor of the mountains and hikes or skis every weekend. On the horizon, Lisa plans to write the next great Canadian novel. 

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