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June 10, 2021  

Supply Chain and Vendor Management

June 10, 2021

Every organization has Supply Chain and Vendor Management as part of its operations and companies "of size" have entire departments devoted to this crucial practice.  In this episode, Kevin Cornelius – a long-time practitioner in this space who has developed his own consultancy company (Make IT Work) - discusses his approach to the role. He strives to drive better, stronger, and more committed business relationships and has his clients realizing gains they would not have imagined were possible.

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About Kevin Cornelius
Kevin Cornelius is the President of Make IT Work, a Strategic Management Consulting organization. Kevin is an experienced professional with over 25 years of Executive Leadership experience. Kevin epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and innovation in every detail of his work. Kevin has been involved with technology since the early days of the PC and the Mainframe computer. He has witnessed and been a part of the constant change that makes up Information Technology. Kevin has been instrumental in the modernization of technology in many organizations. Kevin;s strength lies in his ability to understand complex technology and translate the concepts into plain business language. Kevin is strategic by nature with an ability to see the big picture and relate it to basic actionable business level concepts. Delivery is key is a catch phrase often used.

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