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August 20, 2021  


August 20, 2021

Throughout its life, Salesforce has primarily been a tool that companies have used to manage its clients and sales funnel.  However, thanks to an active development community, additional enhancements were made enabling the solution to do much more.  It now has so many add-ons and is so easily configurable, there is an incredibly broad range of functionality that can be configured without the need for any customization of software. This has resulted in an entire career path for professionals who want to focus on Salesforce. Jordan Ostapiuk is a leader in the local Salesforce usergroup community and he joins today's Tech Talk to shed some light on how to build a career as, or recruiter for, a Salesforce professional.

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About Jordan Ostapiuk 
Over the past 20 years, Jordan has evolved his career from his early roots established as a customer service representative, to leading teams through multiple levels of project management and solution delivery. His commitment to delivering client satisfaction continues with each engagement and his passion for delivering value pushes him to seek out new and innovative ways of getting work done. With his breadth of experience, he’s effective at striking the balance between the technology details and the needs of the business stakeholders. He executes his work with high levels of energy, helping to build a work environment conducive to empowering its teams and maintaining their engagement and levels of productivity.

With an excellent success record in all of the projects he’s delivered, it’s proven time and time again that those with the highest degree of user engagement always have the highest client satisfaction results. For this reason, Jordan maintains a specific focus on user engagement to ensure projects and other initiatives achieve their goals with the solutions they provide.

Jordan has worked with multiple industries across North America, including Oil and Gas, Finance, Energy, Government Services and Telecommunications. Although he’s gained broad experience in all of his project delivery roles, Jordan remains focused on the following disciplines: Project Management, Requirements Analysis, Solution Configuration & Delivery, Team Leadership, User Engagement and Relationship Management.

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