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March 4, 2021  

QA and Automation Testing

March 4, 2021

Quality Assurance is the process of testing code and applications to ensure they work as intended and provide the Software Developers with feedback needed to repair or improve the software product.  But in today’s uber-speed, hyper-change environment, with applications running globally for potentially millions of users, how does one complete proper and meaningful quality tests? Today's guest, Kevan Mikkelsen, has been involved in the QA process for more than 35 years. He and Morley disucss his experience with a focus on automated testing.

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About Kevan
Kevan Mikkelsen is a Senior Quality Assurance Expert who brings over 30 years of overall IT experience, deep expertise in Quality Assurance and prior experience leading and managing high performing teams. Kevan has proven facilitation skills and deep insight into industry best practices in automated and manual testing. He has extensive experience streamlining complex work and business processes.

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