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February 5, 2021  

Project Management Office (PMO)

February 5, 2021

Gabrielle Maussner-Schouten spends a lot of time working in and thinking about the Project Management Office (PMO). She’s recently co-written a white paper on this subject with an emphasis on its real world application. In this episode of Eagle Tech Talks, Morley discusses the PMO in-depth with Gabrielle, whose energy and enthusiasm on the topic is second-to-none. She talks about how it's evolving, the business drivers for implementing a PMO and what it takes to manage a successful one.

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About Gabrielle Maussner-Schouten


Gabriele Maussner-Schouten is a respected project consultant and coach with more than 20 years of experience developing and implementing practical solutions for project management success.

She is an award-winning speaker; workshop facilitator and author of many project management articles. Most recently she completed a White Paper on “A Canadian Perspective on PMOs”.

Her expertise managing large projects for both private and public-sector organizations ranges from mission-critical ERP implementations and content management solutions to providing leadership for major special events and support for enterprise-wide communication strategies. She also has taught strategic supply chain management at Centennial College and Humber College in Toronto.

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