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April 15, 2021  

Program Management

April 15, 2021

Program Management sits in the space between Project Managers, the Project Management Office and The Business.  The Program Manager typically provides oversight for a number of projects, ensuring a consistent set of strategic objectives are met. What does it take to be successful in this role?  What are the challenges?  How do you measure success?  All these questions and more are answered by this episode's guest, Axel Romberg.  Axel has a multi-decade career leading projects, working in both the private and public sector.  He shares with us his experience, his knowledge and what he feels are the key success factors for providing excellence in Program Management. 

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About Axel Romberg
Axel Roberg is a Project Management Office (PMO) Professional with over 25 years in national and international experience in finance, retail, manufacturing, engineering, and public organizations.  He is a strong team builder and leader that is results-orientated with a customer focus and received several accolades and awards, including being recognized as a Growth Development Leader (GDL).  

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