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May 14, 2021  

Management Consulting

May 14, 2021

In this Management Consulting episode of Eagle Tech Talks, Morley is joined by Yogi Schulz, an active freelance contributor to some of Canada’s most-read industry publications and journals, including IT World Canada. Having provided consulting services to industry and governments alike, Yogi has developed and perfected a management consulting approach that has been proven time and time and time again.

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About Yogi Schulz
Yogi Schulz founded Corvelle Consulting. The firm specializes in project management and information technology-related management consulting in the upstream oil & gas industry. In recent years, Yogi has advised on using data analytics for business value. 

Yogi has presented at many conferences, including oil & gas conferences. Yogi writes a monthly blog at ITWorldCanada.com. Yogi served as a member of the Board of Directors of the PPDM Association. He has written monthly columns for Computing Canada and The Calgary Herald that address IT management issues. 

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