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April 8, 2021  

Managed Services and IT Outsourcing

April 8, 2021

Managed Services and Outsourcing is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry in Canada alone.  As such, it makes up a very large part of the IT industry as well.  How is working at a Systems Integrator or Consulting Company different from working for an Enterprise or Gov’t organization directly? What does it take to become involved in this space? Joining Morley in this episode to share his thoughts on providing managed services is Raj Kapoor.  Raj is an Executive Partner at the Whitestone Group, a consulting company and IT service provider that specializes in technology governance, strategic vendor management, and outsourcing optimization.

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About Raj Kapoor
Raj Kapoor is the co-founder of, and an Executive Partner at The Whitestone Group, a specialized firm focused on helping companies make change work through effective use of people, process, technology and communication. Raj has spent over 25 years implementing and advising clients on how to affect significant business change and optimization. A strong leader with a team-based mindset, Raj really does understand the symbiotic nature between the business, technology and the people supporting them. From large multi-billion dollar deals to the small and surgical, Raj and his team ensure the required changes are implemented and stick, long after they are finished.

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