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September 24, 2020  

IT Project Management

September 24, 2020

To kick-off our first ever Eagle Tech Talk, host Morley Surcon speaks with Larry Shumlich, a 30-year veteran in the IT Project Management space. They cover a range of topics within the Project Management space, including the common career path for a PM, what the you can expect when you choose it as a career, and tips for finding the best person to lead your next IT project.

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About Larry Shumlich

Larry is a proven Information Technology leader in Western Canada, delivering high value, through innovation and strong teams. Larry has been a Product Manager, Project Manager, Developer, Consultant, Mentor and Leader. He has worked for WestJet, TransCanada, CP Rail and other first-tier organizations across multiple domains and has a proven record of building high-performance teams and delivering results.

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