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July 15, 2021  

Enterprise Architect

July 15, 2021

Enterprise Architects typically fit within the IT organization, but they spend much of their time working with the Business at strategic levels. The work that they do and the decisions that they make have significant impact on both sides. In this Eagle Tech Talk, Joshua Shoresh explains how, as an Enterprise Architect, he builds a bridge between Business and IT leadership to help organizations set their course forward. 

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About Joshua Shoresh

Joshua Shoresh is an IT professional with over 25 years of experience delivering business solutions to clients in the private and public sectors. As a management consultant, he’s provided a broad range of consulting services, ranging from IT management, strategy, architecture (enterprise architecture, business transformation and solution architecture). He is recognized for his leadership and communication skills, and his ability to define focused, cost effective, and innovative solutions to solve business problems.

Josh is the founder of Contextual Focus Limited, a Canadian-owned consultancy firm, operating nationally, and focused on assisting clients in the complex niche area of strategy, architecture and governance of IT.

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