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April 1, 2021  

Data Science and AI

April 1, 2021

Past Tech Talks have already discussed the curation and use cases of digital corporate data, and in this episode, Morley continues the conversation with Garry Ma, a leading data scientist and expert in artificial intelligence. They talk about how Data Science helps convert data into actionable business information and how AI uses that information to achieve business goals such as increased efficiencies, improving customer service, reducing time to complete tasks and scale business. Whether you're interested in working in the field, recruiting professionals for related jobs, or already immersed in the profession, you will find value in this interview!

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About Garry Ma
Garry is founder and CEO of Ample Insight, a Toronto-based consulting firm helping organizations across diverse industries build and scale data analytics and AI.Garry was also an early data scientist at Facebook and had helped establish many of the core data science teams at Facebook today including monetization, profile, privacy, and data growth products. Garry later co-founded Brilent, an AI SaaS company that automated the discovery and matching of candidates to jobs. Brilent's AI outperformed some of the top recruiters around the world and was later recognized by IDC as a leading innovator in talent discovery. Today, Garry’s focus remains on helping companies accelerate their growth through the practical use of data, AI, and data science. 

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