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May 28, 2021  


May 28, 2021

Blockchain represents a technology, a business strategy and a new approach that enables a host of web and company based services that are reliant on maintaining a central data register.  Confused by this?  Well, you’re not alone. Today's guest, Jon Trask, will demystify much of it.  Jon is a business leader with a strong grasp on technology and has started multiple companies based on solutions that leverage Blockchain (and other leading edge) technologies.

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About Jon Trask
Jon Trask is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Guru. Blockchain Guru is a consulting, software development and training firm focused on deploying emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT devices.  Jon and team have developed Dimitra Agriculture Platform focused on digitizing the farming experience and providing farmers with a platform to manage their end-to-end operation, Identity Guru platform focused on digitizing forms of identification and transferring control and ownership to individuals via blockchain.  The Blockchain Guru team is also actively involved in emerging technology education delivering training through Universities and Colleges globally.

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